The Ultimate Gaff Deck Kit

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The Ultimate Gaff Deck Kit (Bicycle Essential Deck Included)

Like packet tricks?

Sure they’re great! But where are the ones that really push the envelope of possibility?

Ultimate Gaff Deck Contains:
Specially Printed Bicycle Deck
Instructional DVD Included
Printed Reference Guide Included
Bonus Special Prop Also Included

List of Effects Explain In Instructional Course:

The Ultimate Gaff Deck
A Bakers Dozen of tricks to help you mesmerize your spectators!
This one even comes with a specially printed Bicycle deck that you will need to complete the tricks.
In addition to the Bicycle deck, this set also includes easy to follow instructions to make sure that you are fully prepared for each trick.
AND…a BONUS special prop to take this set to the next level!

Full Deck Color Change
A spectator selects a card and then watches as it is lost in the deck. You then reveal their chosen card to be the only on with a different colored back. As if this is not impressive enough, the entire deck transforms into the same colored back as the chosen card as well.

Single Card Color Change
Sometimes two isn’t better than one. A simple color change of the back of one card chosen by the spectator, and then back to the color of the deck will make jaws drop.

Baffle the spectator by showing them two cards. Place one behind your back. Have the spectator guess which card is left in front of them… but they will never guess right no matter how many times they try.

Magic Card Merge
A card merger that will surprise everyone with a twist. Watch as you magically pull a selected card from the middle of the deck to the top. This card just happens to be a selected sign card and it just happens to then merge with another signed card. Stunning.

Follow the Leader
Not just a fun childhood game, this magic trick uses four piles of four cards with one ace in each pile. As the performer, you will slowly cause each ace to disappear from three of the piles. Those aces have to go somewhere, right? Surprise your audience by making them all appear in the mysterious fourth pile.

Crazy Aces
Perfect for the doubting Thomas in your audience, Crazy aces will rid your audience of any disbelief in your skill when you repeatedly switch back and forth two number and two ace cards in your SPECTATORS hands through visual transformations. You’ll make a believer out of them.

Chase the Ace
Inconsistency isn’t always bad in magic. You’re audience will be baffled as they try to chase the ace only to realize that it is constantly jumping positions. The kicker is the finale they will never forget. Based on Rob Stiff’s Chase the Ace and DeLand’s Pick It Out.

Queens Gone Wild
Wildly entertaining, eight nine of spade cards with one wild queen of hearts cards are placed on the table. One by one the wild queen transforms every card in wild queens.

Fleeing Queens
Simply two piles, four queens and four other cards. One by One the queens will flee to another pile. When the spectator turns all of the cards over they will see all of them have transformed into queens. It won’t be simple for them to try and figure out the trick.

Trading Kings
Mind games. Have your spectator freely choose a red and black king. These cards will be revealed to have switched places in two different colored piles. As if this isn’t tricky enough you will reveal these kings were they only two they could have thought of because every other card has a blank face. Mind=blown. This Effect is based on Parade of the Kinds and Any Queen Called For by Davenports.

Money Monte
A Monte routine with a twist. The surprise ending will keep your spectators guessing.

Itsy Bitsy Spider
More fun than your childhood nursery rhyme. This trick demonstrates four cards with spiders on the front. The spiders then vanish from all of the cards living only their webs behind. No rain required.

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